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Our Story

"Beauty is not just for the young. I believe with a little care and attention any woman can look good through her 40's, 50's and beyond." 

Joan Colins

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty is an international luxury beauty brand launched in 2014 and created by one of the most glamorous icons of our time. It aims not just to inspire women, but to provide them with the tools to feel and be beautiful at any age.

Dame Joan Collins is many things: author, actress, mother and beauty expert, but above all Dame Joan is a woman. A strong woman who is always beautiful, chic and full of energy with a charisma that has turned her into an international star.

When young and already making waves in Hollywood, Dame Joan worked with some of the greatest beauty experts in cinema, and it was here that her passion for beauty was born. Spending time with these masters of the screen, Joan began to learn the valuable beauty secrets and tricks of the trade that normally remain behind closed doors.

Over the years, she has continued to build upon this knowledge and with her habitual attention to detail, has gathered tips and information, not just from the beauty experts, but also from her wide group of friends, many of whom are stars in their own right.

Now finally, she has delved into her treasure trove of beauty knowledge to create a new line of beauty products with the aim of sharing her experience with us all and allow each woman to obtain what she dreams of: Timeless Beauty.

Timeless Beauty is a range for women of all ages that has at its core, the care and welfare of the skin – your greatest beauty asset. For Dame Joan, taking care of the skin starts young and never stops. Her belief is that anything applied to the skin should be good for it and that good cosmetics should also protect.

Developed with the needs of a sensitive skin, like Joan’s, in mind, the cosmetics and skincare have all been Dermatologically or Opthamologically tested with additional Allergy testing on the CONTRA-TIME skincare products.

Luxurious and affordable, Joan Collins Timeless Beauty comprises four categories: Skin Care, Cosmetics, Fragrance and Glamorous Accessories. In each of these categories the high quality products are presented in striking, luxurious packaging inspired by Hollywood glamour and Joan’s love of Art Deco. However, the packaging is not just designed with aesthetics in mind. The ribbing in the gold caps are designed to help with gripping the products during application, the magnets in the compacts and mirrors make opening and closing an easy task and the colour coding on the base labels of the compacts also make identifying your blusher from your eye shadow simple.

Look beyond the appealing presentation and it becomes evident that behind the gloss and sophistication of the luxurious collection, there lie the solid foundations of a serious beauty brand. The investment into meticulous scientific research for the development of every product and the ongoing use of cutting-edge, effective, multi-active ingredients are important cornerstones put in place to ensure that Joan Collins Timeless Beauty maintains its promises as it moves forward into the future.