From a High Priestess of High Glamour, the sumptuous I AM WOMAN fragrance in 2 beautiful products.

I am beautiful, I am powerful, I am desirable, I am courageous, I am sensational


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I AM WOMAN, designed to be worn from Hollywood to London, New York to St Tropez. It personifies the pure essence of woman distilled into a potent fragrance exuding beauty, power and glamour. A rich, ‘oriental’ fragrance, I AM WOMAN combines citrus top notes with a sensual musk and woody base, and romantic floral scents in its heart.

I AM WOMAN Body & Soul Collection. Your scent needn’t end with you…

An enchanting collection that combines the memorable I AM WOMAN Eau de Parfum to scent the body and a pure perfume diffuser that transforms a room making it a place of enchantment filled with delicious and sensational essences.

The 12ml I AM WOMAN atomizer spray is a high strength Eau de Parfum. This means it contains more of the valuable essential essences, at a much higher percentage, than an Eau de Cologne or Eau de Toilette. One spray is enough to bestow a delicious mist of fragrance that will last for many hours. It’s also the perfect size for keeping in a handbag or toiletry bag when travelling.

Why should your fragrance end with you? The room diffuser is 50ml of concentrated golden scent that with can make any space feel sophisticated and glamorous for many weeks and months. This golden liquid in its attractive golden bottle is one to share your space with.

Both products are beautifully packed in a golden case, it makes a perfect gift for yourself or another.

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